Combining the power of nature and genomics to create new medicines

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DemurisTM is mining a unique collection of over 10,000 well-characterised diverse actinomycete strains for new drugs

The rise in drug resistant pathogens is a serious concern and of increasing economic burden. There is a growing demand for new agents to treat these evolving diseases. Demuris is focussing its efforts on this area of high unmet medical need, through the discovery and development of novel anti-bacterial therapies.

There is also an urgent need for new therapeutics to tackle invasive fungal infection, which is on the increase due to the expanding population of people living with impaired immune function (both disease and drug induced). With only three families of drug currently in clinical use, Demuris aims to deliver new classes of anti-fungal agents.

Actinomycetes live in soil where there is intense competition for resources and a myriad of potential competitors and predators. Their solution to this problem, during millions of years of evolution, has been to synthesise natural products with powerful biological activities that kill or manipulate the behaviour of surrounding organisms, including bacteria, fungi, plants and animals.

The properties of actinomycete natural products have been exploited to develop many of the drugs used today. Demuris has screened its collection of actinomycetes and is progressing programmes targeting Gram negative bacteria and prioritised fungal pathogens.

Genome sequencing reveals that only a small fraction (in the order of 10%) of the natural products that these bacteria are capable of making has been screened. Our novel drug discovery platform will enable deep mining of the Demuris Collection for compounds that are not synthesised under normal laboratory culture conditions. The platform will also transform the process from screening hit to purified identified compound and structural analogues.

... only a fraction of the natural products that these bacteria are capable of making has been screened

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